Dr. Nacev

Ben Nacev, MD PhD

Principal Investigator

Dr. Nacev is a laboratory-based physician scientist with a focus on sarcoma medical oncology and chromatin dysregulation in cancer.

Dr. Nacev received his MD and PhD degrees from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine where he studied under PhD mentor, Prof. Jun O. Liu. Dr. Nacev’s doctoral thesis focused on drugs with repurposing potential as angiogenesis inhibitors, including itraconazole and cyclosporine. Dr. Nacev’s work explored the mechanisms of this antiangiogenic activity, including work towards target identification.

Following doctoral training, Dr. Nacev joined the Osler Medical Residency where he received internal medicine training at the Johns Hopkins Hospital. He then went on to Medical Oncology fellowship at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center where he served as co-Chief Fellow and later joined the clinical faculty. In parallel, Dr. Nacev completed postdoctoral research training at The Rockefeller University, studying under Prof. C. David Allis. During this time, Dr. Nacev’s research focused on identifying and understanding the mechanisms of a new class of cancer-associated histone mutations known as oncohistones.  He is a Damon Runyon Clinical Investigator.

Dr. Nacev cares for adult patients with sarcomas in the medical oncology clinic, an experience which motivates and inspires his laboratory research program.

When not at work, Dr. Nacev enjoys spending time outdoors including running and hiking and believes that a well-rounded life enhances our ability to do good science and care for patients.